How much should I pay for a Toyota C-HR?

Based on Edmunds analysis of recent prices paid in your area, the Edmunds Suggested Price for the 2022 Toyota C-HR XLE base trim is $26,922.

How much should I pay for a Toyota C-HR?

The Toyota C-HR is available from $30,915 to $38,440 for the 2023 SUV across a range of models.

How much should I pay for a Toyota C-HR?

Is Toyota C-HR worth buying?

The 2022 Toyota C-HR has some distinctive styling, and it impresses with its zesty handling and generous helping of standard features. That doesn't make it a great purchase though. This Toyota trails other subcompact SUVs in cargo space, rear-seat accommodations, ride comfort, and power.

Why is Toyota discontinuing the C-HR?

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. version of the C-HR will be discontinued after 2022 models are sold. The reason is that the addition of the U.S.-spec Toyota Corolla Cross has reduced the sales space of the C-HR.

Which is best C-HR or RAV4?

There's no winner in the battle of the 2021 Toyota C-HR vs. Toyota RAV4, because both models offer exceptional performance and technology. However, you might find that one suits your driving needs and budget better than the other. Follow along with Wesley Chapel Toyota as we take a look at the Toyota C-HR vs.

Which is better C-HR or Corolla?

If you are looking for a small SUV with modern and aggressive exterior styling, sporty handling, and a low price, the 2022 Toyota C-HR is worth considering. That said, we think the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross is the better Toyota small SUV.

Is Toyota C-HR fuel efficient?

In the city the 2021 Toyota C-HR has a miles per gallon of 27. On the highway, this versatile subcompact crossover SUV has a miles per gallon of 31. Combined, the 2021 Toyota C-HR has a miles per gallon of 29.

How long does a C-HR battery last?

between 3-5 years

How long do Toyota C-HR batteries last? Toyota C-HR batteries usually last between 3-5 years, but this is variable depending on weather conditions, the type of battery, driving habits, and more.

What problems does Toyota C-HR have?

Two complaints refer to electronic control unit (ECU) problems. One categorized as an “unknown” problem, simply states “incorrect programming – ECU.” The other, said to be an electrical system problem, indicates that the ECU is identifying the wrong trim.

What does C-HR mean Toyota?

Compact High Rider

What C-HR Means. The mysterious “C-HR” moniker is an acronym. According to the official Toyota press release, the name C-HR is “derived from Compact High Rider and Cross Hatch Run-about.” The idea of a “compact high rider” makes sense. “Compact” is self-explanatory; the C-HR is—dimensions-wise—a small crossover SUV.

Is Toyota C-HR fast?

"In our testing, the C-HR was only able to muster an 11.0-second saunter from zero to 60 mph, and it is significantly slower than most of its rivals."

How far can a Toyota C-HR go on a full tank?

The driving range is a combination of the miles per gallon and the fuel tank capacity. The driving range of the 2021 Toyota C-HR has a max output of around 409.20 miles.

How much is a new battery for a Toyota C-HR?

Toyota CHR Battery – Best Battery for Toyota CHR – from $109.99+

What is the biggest problem with hybrid cars?

Disadvantages of hybrid cars

Less power: Hybrids combine both an electric motor and a gasoline engine, with their gasoline engine primarily operated as the power source. Therefore, neither the gasoline engine nor the electric motor works as strongly as they do in conventional gasoline or electric cars.

How long will Toyota C-HR last?

Toyota confirms its funky subcompact SUV will not return for 2023, and the rad next-gen model will be for Europe only. The Toyota C-HR will be discontinued in the U.S. and Canada after 2022, the automaker confirmed to Car and Driver.

Is the Toyota C-HR slow?

All models come with a lethargic four-cylinder engine, a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), and front-wheel drive; all-wheel drive isn't an option. Acceleration is torturously slow, and although it doesn't provide a lick of fun on a twisty road, the C-HR's ride is at least fairly comfortable.

How many miles will a Toyota C-HR last?

The driving range of the 2021 Toyota C-HR has a max output of around 409.20 miles.

Why are people not buying hybrids?

  • 5: Higher Initial Cost

    The first obstacle anyone interested in buying a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle will run up against is the higher cost of the hybrid powertrain versus its gasoline-only equivalent. Hybrid versions generally run several thousand dollars more than conventional versions of the same car.

Will a hybrid last 10 years?

For most people driving the average amount of 10,000 miles per year, the original hybrid battery will last long enough to get through a decade of ownership. As many people begin to look for a new vehicle around the 10-year mark, this should be enough.

Is the Toyota C-HR noisy?

  • It's quiet on the motorway, too, with very little in the way of wind, engine or road noise.

How much does it cost to replace Toyota hybrid battery?

$2,000 to $8,000

Hybrid battery replacement costs can vary anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000,although this price can vary depending on your Toyota model and even the service center.

How long does a Toyota C HR hybrid battery last?

between 3 to 5 years

Your Toyota C-HR battery will commonly last between 3 to 5 years, but that can vary heavily depending on battery size, weather conditions type of battery, and driving habits. Even still, just because your battery isn't completely dead, doesn't mean it's operating at optimal levels.

Is Toyota C HR hybrid worth buying?

If you've been sold on the coupe-crossover thing as a whole (and lots of people have been), the C-HR will tick a lot of boxes. The striking looks, superb fuel economy from Toyota's ultra-clever hybrid system, and more than decent road manners make for a strong offering.

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